Passengers on the Same Bus! - about project

Passengers on the Same Bus! No place for Discrimination, Segregation and Inequality!

reg.number: 2018-1-CY01-KA229-046925_4

“Passengers on the Same Bus! No Place for Discrimination, Segregation and Inequality” is an Erasmus+ KA229 (School Exchange Partnerships) project, which started on the 1st of September 2018 and ended on the 31st of August 2020.   Xylofagou Gymnasium in Cyprus-a regional Public school located in a rural area of Larnaca’s district-is the coordinating school-partner.  The project consists of four school-partners: Xylofagou Gymnasium in Cyprus, Jirovcova Gymnasium in the Czech Republic, Tommaso Fiore Gymnasium in Bari-Italy and Kainuun Ammattiopisto in Kajaani-Finland.


The motivation for our project.

     It is beyond question that social inclusion has proved to be a dynamic process of valuing all individuals and recognizing their diverse contribution to communities.  All children should have the right and entitlement to be socially included in their school.  We have chosen the priority of social inclusion and mainly discrimination, diversity and refugees’ issues in order to fulfill our aim to secure for all students the feeling of being valued and fight discriminatory attitudes. Promoting social inclusion will certainly provide our students the opportunity to fulfill their potential, take part in educational opportunities with their peers and grow respect and understanding of diversity.

Since school provides the context of a child’s first relationship with the world outside, aiming towards social inclusion will certainly enable the development of social relationships and interactions of our students in the world outside the school setting.