Excursion to Prague - Task 1 Prague castle

Prague Castle

The history of the Prague Castle started at the end of the 9th century, when the first Premyslid Borivoj relocated his residence. Since then, the castle has been constantly rebuilt and refurbished and this process has not even ended up today. During the 10th century, two churches were built in the castle grounds. St. George and Rotunda of St. Vitus, founded by Prince Wenceslas, later patron of the Czech lands. After the founding of the bishopric, the church became a cathedral, rebuilt into a Romanesque basilica in the 11th century. The castle was originally from wood, but after 1130 it was rebuilt by the Bohemian princes into stone form.

The first task is to find the place in the photo and sing there the favorite song about Hallstatt ?

Since 1198, the castle became the capital of Czech kings. Then it burnt down several times and had to be costly repaired. The reconstruction was made mainly by Ottokar of Bohemia II, Charles IV, but also Vladislav Jagiellonian, who built a beautiful Vladislav’s Hall. Besides repairing the castle, Charles IV also began to build a large Gothic cathedral of Saint Vitus, that had not been completed until 1929. During the reign of the Habsburgs house it stopped to be a royal residence, but it never lost its importance within the Czech lands. When the Czechoslovak Republic was established in 1918, Prague Castle became the seat of the President of the Republic. That is why the Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik redesigned the presidential palace. From the frequently visited tourist sites of the castle we can mention the Golden Lane, which was formerly adjoined to the walls.